About Life coaching




 ずっと考えていることはありませんか? 早くからセッションを受ければよかった、と思うでしょう。そんな究極の45分をご提供します。無限の彼方へ、さあ参りましょう!


 In 45 minutes, your thoughts and your mind will be so clear that you will be truly at a different level. That’s because talking a lot helps you to be free from stress and to purify your mind. 

 Being approved of makes you feel good and you will be relieved. You will change from focusing on problems to focusing on possibilities. You can make a breakthrough in thinking with a new framework. Changing interpretation creates your new reality. 

 Specific actions make you motivated. The answer is custom made so that makes sense to you. You will take action because you can organize your mind and thoughts. 

 Do you have something that's been on your mind for a long time? You might think you should have had a coaching session earlier. This is the ultimate 45-minute session. To infinity and beyond.

Hitomi Horiguchi