強みの磨き方 | How to improve your strengths


 A strength is not an end point. A strength is a good foundation to build on, it’s a starting point for further development.

Q: 強みを伸ばすプロセスには、どの様な努力があるのでしょうか?

Q: What efforts are involved in the process of developing strengths?



 I first thought about my strengths when I was a university student and looked back on my experience so far. My part-time job was in a restaurant, where I was responsible for the morning hours. Teaching English to junior high school students as part of my educational placement. I organized events in a extracurricular club. So “leadership” as organizing, teaching, and leading others was one of my strengths, which was also reflected in the results of the self-assessment test.

★Stage 1


★Stage 1

 I joined McDonald's to develop my leadership strengths. At McDonald's, I had the opportunity to learn about leadership and team-building and also to output, which helped me to further develop my strengths.

★Stage 2


★Stage 2

 When I thought about my future career, I wanted to use my strengths in another industry, so I moved to the apparel industry. However, when I tried to use the leadership skills I had learned at McDonald's in my new position, it didn't work at all.


 One day, a harsh word from the CEO was the key to pushing my limits. I realized that leadership is required to maximize the strengths of each individual. Then I learned about coaching. Learning coaching helped me to become a servant leader.

★Stage 3


★Stage 3

 Then I started my own business and had sessions with people of different ages, professions and circumstances, and I hit the wall again. My personality was too positive and I couldn't sympathize with negative thinking. Then I studied in a mental health care course to learn how to listen to feelings. In addition to that, I also read books and practiced learning the methods of people working in listening overseas. And now I think I have my original listening skills.

★Stage 4

 そして今、1D1U Campを運営しています。隊長としてのリーダーシップが試されています。「隊長」とGoogleで調べてみると、以下の意味がありました。「たとえば、部下の持ち場を考えたり、現場の危険なポイントを調べたりするのも隊長の役割です」。

★Stage 4

 Presently I am running 1D1U Camp. My leadership in the role of the captain is being tested. A Google search for “captain" found the following meanings. "For example, the captain's role is to consider the positions of subordinate persons and to examine the danger points on the site.'”


When I think about it, I provide a safe place for participants to express themselves and help them cultivate the land of self-foundation. In short, it is about creating a place for the participants as they are.

 つまりは、「花を咲かせるための土壌を作れば、一斉に花が咲く!」 という、大衆向けのリーダーシップに進化しているようです。

Above all, "If I create the soil for flowers to bloom, they will all bloom at the same time!" This seems to be evolving into leadership for the masses.




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