コミュニティーの意義 | Community significance

 ジャッジのない安全な共同スペースで、人は自分の本当の姿を知ることができます。自分を知れば、本当の意味で大きな "U "とつながることができるのです。
 In a safe communal space, free out judgement, one can find out who one really is. Once u know u, u can truly connect with the the big “U.”

 2018年3月にONE DAY ONE UNIT手帳を発売がはじまりました。当初、2回目も購入したい人は、手帳の中身だけ販売する形を考えていました。ところが英会話の先生が、「手帳は続かないものだから、君が続けられるようにサポートするコミュニティーを創ったら?」と私に言ってきて驚きました。

 The launch of the ONE DAY ONE UNIT planner began in March 2018. At first, I thought I would try to sell it once and then I would only sell the contents of the planner to those who wanted to buy a second one. However, my English teacher said to me: "People can't keep to a planner, so why don't you create a community to support users? I was surprised.


 So I made a planner by myself and posted them to people. And the first 21-day online boot camp started. I was the captain of the camp, lecturing on how to use the planner on the secret blog and giving my feedback on their comments to the users.


 Then there was a request for a second camp, and so I decided to continue. In the second year, I received another request for an online community even when the planner was not on sale, and so Spin-off was born.

 1D1U コミュニティは、サブスクリプションとは違い、参加したいときに申し込む形をとりながら、今年で4年目に入りました。通算800セット以上、私はひとりで手作りしたことになります。

 The 1D1U community is now in its fourth year, and unlike a subscription, you sign up when you want to. In total, I've made over 800 sets by myself.

 今では10回以上参加されているリピーターの方や、1D1Uのステッカーのコレクターの方もいて、デザイナー冥利に尽きます。第1回目を始めたときには、まさか「第20回」があるとは想像もしていませんでした! ありがとうございます。

 Now I have a group of repeaters who have joined more than 10 times, some of them are collectors of the 1D1U stickers, which makes me feel very lucky to be a designer. Thank you very much, I would never have imagined that there would be a "20th edition" when I started the first one!

 It was at the 12th Spin-off that I first discovered of the meaning of a community when a repeater asked me a question.


 At the beginning of the ONE DAY ONE UNIT camp, I was posting articles, participants commenting, and I was giving feedback on them. It's a community, but it's more like one-to-one.

 3年目「Spin-off 夏期講習」を開催したとき、『ひとみの部屋』という、無料のライブセッションをはじめました。人のセッションを見ると、まるで自分もセッションを受けているようで学びになると大好評でした。また、参加者同士でコメントをし合うようにもなり、お互いにかなり励みになっていたようでした。

 In the third year, when we held the "Spin-off Summer Course", I started a free live session called "Hitomi's Room". It was very popular because watching others' sessions made participants feel as if they were in a session themselves, and the comments from other participants were very encouraging.

 ステイホームをきっかけに、Zoom ホストも体験ができる「ユニタス企画」も生まれました。ひとりとして似たような人がいないコミュニティなので、未知の分野で活躍する仲間から学べる機会は、新しい世界の扉を開けるきっかけにもなります。

 Stay-Home also led to the launch of the "Uniters Project", where they can experience being a Zoom host. As a community where no two people are alike, the opportunity to learn from mates in an unknown field opens the door to a whole new world.


 The Spin-off was a great success, and it was clear to me that the captain was no longer the only communicator, as some of the users we call "Uniters" wrote about books and films in the comments section.

 1対1でラリーをするよりも、1対大勢でラリーをするほうが、私の投げた問いに対して、多くの答えが返ってきます。それに、1学級の規模だからこそ、コメントもしやすいのでしょう。1D1U コミュニティが深まっていく理由はこれだったんですね。

 I find that I get more answers to my questions in a one-to-many rally than in a one-to-one rally. And I think the size of the class makes it easier to comment. That's why the 1D1U community is growing so deep.


 This means that the 1D1U community has a collective unconscious that is working to create a better future and to make positive changes in each of our lives.


 Maybe that's why I received an invitation from the universe that day, to create a community.


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